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Massive Management Device

DataHub 1000

DataHub 1000

Remote Management

  • Monitoring, setting, and upgrade of batch inverters

  • Offline data storage and resuming

Enhanced Performance

  • Large-Capacity Data Storage

  • IEC104 Protocol Support

Smart Control 

  • Intelligent Export Control

  • DRM Control

  • Ripple Control

Why DataHub 1000

Introducing the DataHub1000, a reliable device designed to effortlessly monitor and manage your site, particularly when equipped with multiple SolaX inverters. With its advanced power control features, this professional device ensures that your system is compliant with local grid requirements, enabling you to maximize control and efficiency. Experience remote monitoring, intelligent power control, and robust data storage, all tailored to enhance the performance of your energy system.

Power Adapter100-240V
50/60HZ 1.5A AC input
12V 2A DC output
Data Transfer Interval5mins
Net weight440±10g

DataHub 1000
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